Greyhound 120

Greyhound is all about speed. This tall and lean dog can exceed 65 k.p.h., which is why it is the favorite breed for greyhounds.

The “small” route of the 120 Km, borrowed the name of the particular dog, because essentially is a fast route.

It does not have many ascents –in comparison with its bigger “sisters”- and one can complete it, within 5-6 hours.

Only for this particular route, rules of Epic Rides does not apply.

A Few Words

After the success of last year, which for many was a beautiful Sunday ride, we decided to add a different route, keep the distance at 120 Km.

For the course, all the rules of a brevet apply, such as a group start, a specified route and two control points.

Having said that, the Greyhound 120 is a demanding route with quite high total altitude and its completion within the time constrain will be a proper challenge for many. You can bet on that!



Date: Sunday 30 August 2020

Start: Florina, Central Square, 10:00

Finish: Rivo All day cafe

Distance: 120 Km

Total ascent: 1100 m

Maximum completion time: 7 hours, 18:00



Kelli Ascent: 8 Km, avg 3%, max 11%

Kleidi Hill: 5 Km, avg 4%, max 5%

Control Points



Location: Kelli

Control Point: Entrance of village

Reception CP: Taskas Cafe

Distance from start: Around 28 Km

Open CP: 10:50 Close CP: 12:25


Location: Ptolemaida

Control Point: Traffic lights, besides Fire House Station

Reception CP: Cross Cafe

Distance from start: Around 66 Km

Open CP: 11:50 Close CP: 14:15