Pairs & Teams – The exceptions

Epic Rides is entering its 2nd edition this year, as the only race without support in Greece. This means it has some regulations – restrictions, compared to other cycling events.

One of the most important rules is that drafting (Rule # 3) or grouping is not allowed. Cycling with your friends is an important component of non-competitive cycling events such as braves.

Wanting to grow the audience that wants to take part in our routes, we decided last year to introduce 2 ways you can group and share the fatigue of the ride and your supplies. One way is the Pairs and the other the Teams.

Of course these 2 modes are geared towards those who choose the long routes, such as the GS 200 & AM500 for this year. The “short” route of Gh120 is not subject to EPR regulations anyway.


So you can register as a pair with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Basically you will have a participation number e.g. 115A & 115B. This is good because you can group regularly, share your supplies and of course your thoughts!

The “bad” thing is that you are treated as a unit, which practically means you have to finish together to get ranking time.


The Group has the same logic as the Pair, just to a greater extent. As a Team you can register up to 5 people, with the same rights and obligations as the Pairs.

So if you are 4 friends who want to ride together, you will have e.g. No. 234A, 234B, 234C, 234D. Of course the ranking times will be different from the solo times and you will need to finish together to get ranking time.

Have a good ride!

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