We always obey the following 7 rules

  1. Mandatory passage through control points
  2. No external support is allowed
  3. No drafting is allowed (except from pairs)
  4. Mandatory use of cycling helmet, lights and reflecting vest
  5. You must keep evidence of your route
  6. You must obey the traffic laws
  7. We are riding in the spirit of self-sufficiency and equal opportunities

In details

All competitors must conform to these 7 rules.If someone does not comply with the above rules, one is not eligible to a ranking time.


You can choose the total distance you want to travel, and the desired route, but you are obligated to pass through the predefined control points.


Epic Rides has the form of an unsupported event, where each competitor must be self-sufficient. Therefore, there can be no external support (mechanical or otherwise), food or water supply.

All supplies and equipment must be transported by you or purchased on the road.


Since the event has the element of personal challenge, drafting is not allowed. You should finish, depending solely on your own strengths.

The only case where drafting is allowed, is when racing by Pairs &/or Teams.


It is mandatory to carry with you a bicycle helmet, a reflective vest, white lights on the front and red lights on the back.

With these lights you should be able to ride comfortably at night or in low visibility. So make sure you have the proper lights.


If a competitor is suspected of not complying with the rules, it is up to him or her to prove his or her case.


Since all routes are taking place on the public road network, you must always comply with Traffic Laws.


Everyone participates with the logic of self-sufficiency.

Everything that has to do with navigation, supply of food/water, relaxation or mechanical problems that you will encounter, you should overcome based only only on your abilities.

So, under the dogma of self-sufficiency, all participants should have equal opportunities to win the race.