Epic Rides – A purist cycling race

Until now, in road cycling in Greece, there were two distinct forms of events: Road racing and brevets.

Races – either as endurance races, uphill or TTs – are aimed at athletes or amateurs who are competitive, and like the intensity and risk of a race event.

Brevets on the other hand – with routes from 200 to 1200 km – aim at a completely different kind of cyclists, who grave for beautiful scenery, the contact with nature, and a personal gratification of overcoming  a demanding route.

Epic Rides cycling event aims to fill in the gap between road races and brevets, offering demanding routes but not only that…

Epic Rides is a “purist” race. As a road race, the goal is to get to the finish in the shortest possible time. The term “purist” has to do with the way you participate. How? Only with your mind, soul and your feet!

Will there be water or food supply like in races? No! You have to start and finish by transferring whatever you need on the route.

Will the route, map or digital record be marked? No! You should map the path and navigate through it. The only limitation is that you have to go through specific checkpoints.

Will we have help in case of mechanical damage? No! You have to overcome whatever obstacle you find in front of you, only with your own abilities.

Can we fight like in the races? No! Every cyclist rides only with his own strength and relies only on himself.

It seems difficult? And it is. But this will be the new cycling adventure called Epic Rides ….

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Soon the event’s website will also work. Until then good workouts.

Epic Rides – Earn Your Stripes

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