Epic Rides # 1 – The 1st unsupported road race

Everybody know from watching TV, how a race looks: Athletes with colorful uniforms and expensive bicycles equipped with aeronautical technology, motor bikes and escort cars, street-cheering fans and of course stubbornness and passion for victory.

What is the difference between an unsupported cycling race and the race I described above? We keep the first word (athletes) and the last sentence (… stubbornness and passion for victory). So we only keep the essentials.

Athletes because you really need an athletic like fitness to be able to finish a 3-digit # of “hard” km and passion for victory, because without it you will probably quit.

The above cycling “venture” will be launched for the first time in Greece, in the summer of 2019 and will be named Epic Rides # 1.

Its purpose is to lure all cycling lovers to make their own Epic Journey, which promises to be as demanding and difficult as they can endure!

It will consist of 3 routes – 120 Km/200 Km/300 Km – in order to choose the route that suits you better. The start and end of each route will take place in the city of Florina.

Wanting to give the opportunity to all of you to get to know such an innovative venture, for 2019 the 120 km route will follow the standards of a mini brevet. The other 2 routes will follow the unsupported race standards.

How many and where are the control points? What are the possible routes and ascents? These and more information are on our new website.

Of course you may follow us on our FB fun page for your latest updates.

Take part in Epic Rides and win your stripes!

Epic Rides – Earn Your Stripes

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