Epic Rides #2 – Summer 2020

After the first introductory event in unsupported racing, AMKE All Cycling is organizing its second cycling event, named Epic Rides # 2 in the summer of 2020.

The event will take place between 12-14 June 2020, beginning and finishing in Florina. This year, there will be again 3 routes of 120/200/500 kilometers respectively.

For Route 1 – Greyhound 120- there is a specific route again and the Brewet regulations apply. It will be held on Sunday 14/6/2020, so anyone who wants to enjoy a beautiful Sunday ride can participate.

For the other 2 routes – Greek Shepherd 200 & Alaskan Malamute 500 – Epic Rides regulations will apply as stated on the event’s website:

  • The route will be chosen by the competitor.
  • There will be no outside support during the race.
  • Grouping will not be allowed – unless you are Couples and / or Groups.
  • Contestants are required to seal the Race Cards at the specified checkpoints.

The Greek Shepherd 200 will launch on Saturday morning 13/6/2020 with a maximum completion time of 13:30 hours.

The longest route of the competition, the Alaskan Malamute 500, will kick off on Friday 12/6/2020, with a maximum completion time of 33 hours.

Specific start / end times and checkpoint opening / closing times will be announced from the new time.

You can keep up with developments on the FB page while staying up to date on the event’s website.

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