Epic Rides Νο1 – Press Release

The EPRNo 1, the first unsupported race, comes this summer.

Specifically, the event will take place on the 8th and 9th of June 2019, with start/finish in the city of Florina.

The event will include 3 routes of 120/200/300 kilometers.Route names originate from separate dog breeds, distinguished for their speed, strength and endurance, respectively.

In this respect, the 1st route is called Greyhound 120 and borrows its name from the well-known breed, as it is a “fast” route.

The 2nd route is called Greek Shepherd 200 and is represented by the Greek hound. It requires strength and endurance to complete.

Finally, the 3rd and most difficult route is called Alaskan Malamute 300, a separate dog breed used to pull the Alaskan slides. This particular route with a lot of altitude and steep slopes, requires extreme stamina and very strong legs.

The Greyhound 120 -only for this introductory year, borrows the rules of a brevet (mass start, drafting, specified route and checkpoints).

For the remaining routes, Epic Rides regulations will apply, as listed on the website of the event:

The route will not be specific, the participants will have no outside support during the event, there is no drafting and will have to travel through mandatory checkpoints.

From then on, planning of the final route, the pit stops, the supply of food and water, will be the responsibility of each athlete.

At the end of the day, the athlete with the best strategy and the fresher legs will win the race!

At dawn on Saturday, 8/6/2019 the Alaskan Malamute 300 will start, while Greyhound 120 & Greek Shepherd 200 will start on Sunday 9/6/2019.

Specific start/finish times and opening/closing times for CP will be announced later.

You can keep track of the newer developments from our FB page.

Epic Rides – Earn your stripes


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